A table filled with Döner Shack food

Why Döner Shack?

A Döner Shack franchise is about a growing team, a growing vision and an ever-increasing appetite to be the number one kebab brand in the world. It’s about fantastic products, excellent service, and most of all, inspiring people.

It would be best to look beyond a catchy brand name and a convincing sales team as a franchisee. It’s going to be a long term partnership, and once the honeymoon period ends, you’ll be asking yourself if you made the right choice. Have you partnered with a business that knows what it takes to create a successful food franchise brand with long term ambitions? You’ll need to know that the brand you are investing in has developed robust operational systems, authentic recipes, innovative and targeted marketing strategies, a strong financial model and a long term growth strategy. These are the questions we asked ourselves.

The Döner Shack founders enjoying a Kebap


We believe that döner kebabs should be done better! This simple idea led our founders on a chase around Europe, and that mission truly came alive in Berlin: the home of some of the best kebaps in the world. It was on the back of these research trips that, in April 2019, the Döner Shack brand was born in Leeds — and it was no surprise that our customers loved our kebaps as much as we did.

We used every one of our combined 80+ years of experience in the restaurant trade to ensure we created a brand with the most innovative systems, best tasting products, an unmatched training programme and the best-designed restaurants to keep our customers coming back again and again.

A delicious Döner Shack Kebap


We currently offer over 15 signature products, including our Kebaps, Tellers and Currywurst. Our kebaps are made with the highest quality lean meats, our signature sauces and traditional Turkish pida bread baked fresh on-site every day.

Our venues are licensed, offering Bitburger Pilsner on draft served alongside Germany’s most popular soft drinks range — Fritz Kola.

These and other innovative creations satisfy our target market’s desire to experiment and experience new flavours. We want to make all our products traceable and tell the story of the people that help make them.

A Döner Shack location

Our Restaurants

Döner Shack provides a fast-casual experience, light on staffing and high efficiency to exploit multiple venue types, including food courts, high street units and drive-thru restaurants.

The restaurant combines its strong product offering with fantastic service in a cool, contemporary environment ideal for casually dining during the day and at night.

We regularly have access to several off-market deals through our excellent relationships with major landlords and agents. We can help put you in touch with the right people so you can source locations that ensure the best possible chance of success.

A busy Döner Shack location


Döner Shack benefits from a highly systemised operating structure that delivers consistency, low wastage and no requirement for skilled chefs. As a result, we serve our guests at a lightning-quick speed and, on average, in 5 minutes — even during peak times.

We live for innovation in all aspects of the business. Our commitment to having the most robust and efficient systems in our industry has led to some genre-defining introductions. An example of this is our state of the art robotic kebab cutters that ensure increased consistency and a further reduction in staff cost and skill.

Scalability of a food brand can only happen if the operations are slick, easy to teach and easy to learn. With Döner Shack, if you can make a sandwich, you can create one of our authentic kebaps. It really is that simple.

A Döner Shack bag


Our restaurants are driven by a desirable product set without overreliance on discounted promotions. This creates strong brand loyalty, a solid financial business model and, most importantly, longevity.

Our franchisees benefit from ongoing marketing support at a local, national and international level. Our in-house marketing team keep our brand looking fresh and express our creative abilities through design.

We target our core audiences through specific targeting on our social media channels, and our brand language/personality speaks directly to our core audience.

Döner Shack Milk Shakes


We’ve recently signed our first two area development franchisees; further sites are secured and currently in development throughout the UK. So get in touch using the application form below now to secure an area development agreement in your chosen territory.

For franchise enquires from North America, please use the form below. Our international development manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wether you are a multi-unit operator or someone stepping in to franchising for the first time, the journey starts here.