We care about the environment, and we recognise that a company like ours has a responsibility to do everything possible to reduce waste and promote a healthy environment. We have replaced all plastic cutlery and straws with biodegradable and paper alternatives, and we are still working to limit the amount of single-use plastics.

What about
our packaging?

We continue to work closely with our packaging partners to ensure we source packaging that has the least impact on the environment. Our food has always been served in recyclable boxes and bags and we won’t stop searching for ways to decrease any unnecessary waste.

Doner Shack Bags

So what else
are we doing?

​​We are completely committed to finding new ways to improve the sustainability of our sites, and recycle materials whenever possible. We use heat energy generated by our own equipment to heat our restaurant's hot water, as well as installing flow controllers in the plumbing and LED lighting with motion sensors.

Our Planet — Committed to sustainability, ethically sourced products, doing our bit for the environment

Ok, what about
waste management?

We have a zero landfill policy, allowing us to have control of our waste collection contract and who we appoint as our waste management contractors. We ensure all food waste is converted into compost and biogas.